Even the best and most innovative ideas do not have a chance of implementation if they are not understood or fail to spark the imagination, if they remain abstract and lifeless. Only the creative-aesthetic embodiment of an innovation yields its effective dissemination – one that cannot be achieved using words alone. Using design as a medium, Bold Futures communicates future scenarios, novel products, services and processes.

We realise projects mainly using the following formats:

Images of the Future

Visualisations (2D or 3D) place the innovation in plausible contexts and future environments. The focus lies less on the exact technical explanation of the concept but on the illustration of its benefits and ramifications.


Infographics explain complex information at the blink of an eye using diagrams, maps, schematic depictions etc.


From simple yet effective video prototypes up to the production of elaborated short films and (2D or 3D) animations, we cover the creation of audiovisual content that makes your future vision tangible.

Artefacts from the Future

Objects, 3D models, exhibits and interactive prototypes that make a future palpable.

Event interactions

Experiential scenarios encounter a live audience during an event or conference.


We carry out hands-on creative workshops on innovation communications for students and professionals alike.

Selling Futures

Desirable scenarios or innovations become introduced, advertised and effectively diffused. These kind of depictions of the future need to enthuse and inspire. They are ideal for pitching novel technologies and innovations to allow for a collective perception of strategies, targets and normative scenarios.

Exploring Futures

Here the focus lies upon producing new insights using speculative design. The envisioned future scenarios and use cases are often radical, provocative or disruptive. They foster debate and allow for the conceptual advancement of distinct topics, technologies and innovations. This approach is especially useful when little is known about potential future markets, applications or implications of an innovation.