Bold Futures is a studio for innovation communications in Berlin. We use design as a medium to envision plausible futures in order to assess their desirability and spark debate. Our clients include innovation-driven companies as well as research institutions.

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We form a core team of four designers of complementary disciplines. Based on project requirements we work together with scientists, developers, engineers and futurologists.

Ann-Kristina Simon, Helge Fischer, Martin Joswig, Ana Viegas. (Photo: Marco Floris)

Ann-Kristina Simon, Director, Service and Communication Designer
holds an MA in ‘Communication Art & Design’ from the Royal College of Art. She worked for the service design agency Think Public, Grafik Magazine and various freelance clients. She is also editor for the international design organisation Graphicbirdwatching.
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Helge Fischer, Director, Interaction Designer
graduated from the Royal College of Art, London, with an MA in ‘Design Interactions’. He has worked for various distinguished design studios as an interaction designer and consultant. He also taught and was a researcher at the University of Applied Sciences, Potsdam.
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Ana Viegas, Associate, Communication Designer
holds an MA in ‘Communication Art & Design’ from the Royal College of Art. She has worked as a freelancer for more than seven years in areas ranging from traditional graphic design to live audiovisual productions. Originally from Portugal, Ana lived in the UK for nearly a decade and is now based in Berlin.

Martin Joswig, Associate, 3D Designer
graduated as a digital artist from the German Film School for Digital Production in Berlin after completing his apprenticeship as a digital media designer. Since 2008 he has been working successfully as a freelancer for various agencies and artists in the field of visualisation, animation and illustration.

We believe in human ingenuity, creativity and intelligence. Whilst we acknowledge the inherent risks of technological and cultural innovations, we focus on how to deliver positive transformation. We emphasise the chances that can be made to change our world for the better by considered research, development and design, in order to enrich the world by making it more diverse, liveable and, ultimately more humane.

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